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The Regional Hispanic Contractors Association formerly the Hispanic Contractors Association of DFW was formed in 1995 to address the needs of one of the fastest growing sectors of the construction industry. In addition in giving voice to the business and political concerns of its members, the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association serves the community through its outreach program.

The Regional Hispanic Contractors Association has streamlined and improved the bid process for its members. Hispanic Contractors Association members have been successful in working with local and state elected officials to ensure fairness in awarding of bids. Additionally, the RHCA has implemented several new initiatives to offer members expanded support services and benefits.


The mission of the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association is to promote and support the advancement and economic growth of the Hispanic contractors, architects and engineers in Texas. We are committed to developing programs and facilitating the resources needed to help the diverse Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (A/E/C) Industry reach their potential.


Some of our programs being developed this year include a Website for members to use as a resource guide for upcoming jobs, financial, legal assistance, insurance and bonds, etc. We are working on setting up classes to help more Hispanics become bilingual. It is important to be able to communicate with those entities that will provide the opportunity for growth. In addition, we are starting up a mentoring program to help individuals train and learn about all aspects of the construction industry. We also have a plan room available for members to check our plans of current projects. As well, throughout the year we have various events that facilitate networking for all members.

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