Luna Friday’s

Luna Logo with Pick Hat FB


1. Remember to wear your Luna Shirt every Friday!!!

2. Choose or create your own Luna Friday activity

a. Bring donuts and/or fruit to work

b. Invite co-workers to Starbucks

c. Invite co-workers to a restaurant

d. Have an Ice-Cream Friday at work

e. Have a Ladies-only break at work

f. Talk to women who may be good candidates for a Luna award

g. Encourage people to attend the event – co-workers, boss, friends, etc.

h. Invite a group of your construction contacts to Luna walk

i. Set a goal to make a certain number of calls and emails to promote Luna

j. Add a photo of you wearing your Luna Shirt to the signature of your email

3. Post on the Media about Luna (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

a. Mention Luna on your Facebook or Twitter every Friday

b. Take pictures of your Luna Friday Activities and post

c. Take pictures of your Luna Committee Meeting and post

d. Blog about Luna

4. Continue to register Sponsorship Tables

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