Luna Panel Questions


  1. After today’s introduction, HOW would you introduce yourself? (All Panelists)
    1. Is there a word that would best describe you?
  1. How did you get into your chosen field? (All Panelists)
    1. Tell me more about yourself and how you came into the industry. 
  1. Share a few words on a typical workday for you. (All Panelists) 
  1. As a “Women That Builds,” share your strategies for working in what has been known as a male-dominated field.  What has been the biggest eye-opener? (Kim, Rosa, Carolina, Liz, Marissa, Dorene and Noelle)
  1. What are some key factors to your success? (All Panelists) 
  1. What do you wish you would have known or started doing sooner? If you could go back in time and give your 18-year-old-self one piece of advice, what would that be? (All Panelists)
  1. From your perspective, what is the state of the industry when it comes to women in management and in the field? What is the most significant change you have seen/experienced? (All Panelists) 
  1. What changes do you anticipate in the industry? (Dorene and Noelle)
  1. How has technology impacted the industry? (Dorene and Noelle)
  1. How would you challenge the audience members? (All Panelists) 
  1. How has the A/E/C industry changed in the last ten years for women, and what obstacles have you overcome (Dorene and Noelle)
  1.  What impact do awards like the Luna Awards have on women in the A/E/C industry? I know that a few of you have either been a nominee or a recipient. (Marissa, Noelle)
  1. Dorene and Noelle, as leaders and business owners in the industry, why is it important to invest in programs/events that recognize women like the Luna Awards that have now gone statewide (Dorene and Noelle)
  1. Difficult conversations, whether it’s with your direct boss, direct employee, or clients, what advice can you give the audience when having these tense/difficult conversations? (All Panelists) 
  1. With today’s challenges in the workforce that includes Millennials/Generation Z.  What advice do you have for the smaller contractors to overcome workforce challenges? (Kim, Dorene and Noelle)
  1. What has been your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it? (Kim, Liz, Carolina, Rosa, Marissa)
  1. Closing comments. (All Panelists) 


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