Economic & Business Development

RHCA Economic & Business Development Committee Meetings

The third Tuesday of the Month from 8:30 am to 10:00 am.
Meetings are open to members in good standing; registration is required.

RHCA Economic and Business Development Committee: Is focused on enhancing the business capabilities, efficiency, and profitability of contractors. This is achieved by fostering project opportunities and establishing vital industry connections. A major aspect of the Committee’s work involves creating and maintaining relationships with major general contractors, owners, and developers. This is done to encourage the utilization of RHCA members and support small, minority, and women-owned contractors, as well as to facilitate contracting opportunities among members.

The Committee is also tasked with the approval process for new initiatives, requiring all proposed positions and events to be approved by the President prior to starting any new activities.

Committee Functions:

  • Organizes forums, webinars, seminars, and workshops related to construction projects.
  • Conducts roundtables that bring together construction professionals, project owners, and general contractors.
  • Facilitates sponsors and resources for Committee activities.