Protecting Workers During a Pandemic

What should we do and what should we tell the Owner/Customer?

If you receive notice that one of your employees or any person working on a jobsite has tested positive for COVID-19, immediately notify your direct manager, who should then alert the higher management: Regional/Operations/Department Manager, Vice-President and Human Resources representative.

The infected person should immediately be removed from the work site for a minimum of 14 days. Any fellow employees who have come into Close Contact (as defined by the CDC) with the affected individual should be notified of possible exposure to COVID-19. These individuals should also be removed from the worksite for a minimum of 14 days. Next steps should be discussed at the Executive Leadership level to include, CDC recommended actions (including, but not limited to, emergency cleaning, area restrictions, and enhanced safety measures), customer considerations/feedback and depending on extent of potential exposure, continuation of work at the site.

Regardless of that decision, (COMPANY) will take necessary actions to undertake a deep cleaning of the affected workspaces. If working in a shared office building or area, you should inform building management so they can take whatever precautions they deem necessary. Being good partners, however, please provide the Owner/Customer as much information as possible without sacrificing the confidentiality of the affected person(s).

How can we (COMPANY) help employees cope with the added stress of social distancing, their health and the health of loved ones?

If available, provide counseling services to your employees.

Call/email your employees if they are working from home and check up on them to see how they are doing. Add a personal touch and stay in tune with your employees.

Provide benefit resource links through your healthcare provider. 

Inform them of telehealth, if that is available through your health care provider. This is access to medical and behavioral/mental health care professionals via the telephone or video.

Jobsite/Office Cleaning

Implement new cleaning procedures for day and night cleaning crew in the office as well as jobsite work offices/areas.  New cleaning procedures include using Clorox total 360 or other recommended supplies and disinfectants to sanitize and spray everything that is touched by hands included but not limited to elevator buttons, handrails, doorknobs, light switches, restrooms, etc. Provide Hand sanitizer dispensers at entryway, on elevators and exiting off elevators.

COVID-19 Tool Cleaning Protocols from Milwaukee Tools

Can you limit general public and visitor access to your jobsite/offices?

Yes, you can, as long as it is not mandated by contract.  Post notice on all doors of jobsite office and provide details. Have them make contact with their point of contact for any questions. 

Continue to Self Monitor

We are each responsible for safety. With this in mind, we ask that all employees begin the daily practice of taking their temperature at home before going to work. Per CDC guidelines, any temperature of 100.4ºF/38ºC indicates fever. If their temperature reading indicates a fever, do not allow the individual come to work. They should take the necessary healthcare actions as needed and contact their supervisor as soon as possible to discuss next steps.